Interfacing with Animator DB

Overview of how the HyperView applications interface with Animator DB.

HyperView supports Animator DB files from version 2.2 onwards, with the following abilities and limitations:
  • Only the first Animation model is read from a multi-model a4db.
  • Adaptive models are not supported.
    Note: For XY plot data support please refer to the HyperGraph Solver Interfacing section.
  • The following element types are supported: Quad, Quad8, Hexa, Hexa20, Bar, Beam, RBE, nel, Mass, Spring, Joint, Spotweld
  • Components are created based on the property information, if there is no property associated with an element, such elements are grouped under the component id = 9999.
  • Reading of following results is supported:
    • Displacement
    • Failed elements (mapped to eroded elements in HyperView )
    • Functions (mapped to scalar datatypes in HyperView )
    • Function_node_element (mapped to scalar corner data in HyperView )
    • Vector4 (mapped to vector datatypes in HyperView )
    • Tensors (mapped to tensor datatypes in HyperView )