Supported Entities

A Mechanism () is the root of the hierarchy in the Mechanism Browser. To create a Mechanism, right click in the Mechanism Browser and select Create > Mechanism from the context menu. A mechanism is defined by the following entities:
  • Bodies () define a kinematic assembly made of FE parts or nodes, which can be selected in the Entity Editor. To create a body, right-click on the Mechanism and select Create > Body from the context menu.
  • Joints () define the kinematic relationship between two bodies (for the following joint types: Ball, Cylinder, Revolute, Slider) or three bodies (for the DoubleSlider joint). To create a joint, select two bodies to connect in the browser, then right-click and select Connect from the context menu. For the DoubleSlider joint, the third body has to be defined in the Entity Editor.
  • Constraints () define kinematical constraints on a body at a specified node or point location.