Context Menu

Option Available for Description
Actuate Mechanism Mechanism Gives the ability to articulate a mechanism by defining one of the following actions:
  • Translate a node
  • Rotate a body
  • Move a node to a target location
Check Mechanism Mechanism Enables you to check the validity of a mechanism, looking for common nodes, empty bodies, and redundant joints.
Collapse All entities Closes all of the folders for the selected mechanism, so that only the mechanism item displays.
Collapse All In Mechanism Browser Closes all of the folders in the browser, so that only the mechanism items display.
Create Mechanism and in Mechanism Browser Create a new mechanism, body, or constraint.

You can only create a body or constraint by right-clicking on a mechanism in the browser.

Delete All entities Deletes the selected entity.

Shortcut: To delete a selected entity in the Mechanism Browser, press Delete.

Expand All entities Opens the selected folder, exposing every entity nested at every level.
Expand All In Mechanism Browser Opens all of the folders in the browser, exposing every entity nested at every level.
Export Position Mechanism Opens the Export Position dialog, from which you can export a saved position of the selected mechanism into a solver file containing the corresponding solver transformation cards.
Hide All entities Turns off the entity in the graphics area. This selection affects each item’s local display control, that is, it will make the icon become ghosted indicating the display state is off.
Isolate All entities Displays only the selected entities, and turns off all other entities of the same type.
Lock/Unlock Joint Joint Block (Lock) all degrees of freedom of the selected joint or make them free again (Unlock).
Move Joint Opens the Entity Editor to define the positioning values of the selected joint and activate the joint manipulator in the display that can be used to interactively move the joint.
Move Mechanism To Mechanism Moves the selected mechanism to its initial position or other positions, which have been previously saved.
Review All entities Invokes Review mode, which displays selected entities irrespective of their display state, masked, active state (Entity State Browser), but not outside of the spherical clipping (if enabled).

By selecting a body, it will be displayed with its body color while other entities are grayed out and displayed with transparency.

By selecting a joint or a mechanism, the joint marker with the bodies links between will be displayed.

Reset Review All entities Resets the review of the previously selected entity.
Rename All entities Rename an entity in the Name field. The new name must be unique. All instances of the renamed entity will update automatically. You can cancel the rename operation by pressing Esc.
Save Position as Mechanism Save the displayed mechanism position as a new position or replace an already existing position.
Show All entities Displays the selected entity in the graphics area. The entities icon changes to bold indicating that the display state is on. Using the Show option on a mechanism or joint will display all nested entities inside.
XRef Entities All entities Opens the References Browser and displays the relationship of the selected entities to other entities in the model in a hierarchical tree structure.

Any single entity or multiple entities can be selected.