Select Surfaces

Overview of how to select surfaces in wireframe and shaded mode.

Surface edges may be used in the same way as lines in any surface creation panel, where appropriate. If you use any surface edge lines in the Line Edit panel, duplicates of the lines are created and the operation is applied to the duplicates.

Select surfaces.
Option Description
Wireframe mode The easiest method of selecting a surface is to pick the surface near its edges or surface visualization lines. If several surfaces share an edge, you can select any one of them by clicking on the edge, and while holding the mouse button down, moving the mouse slightly from side to side. Each surface highlights as selected. Release the mouse button when the desired surface is highlighted.
Shaded mode Click anywhere on the surface to select it. Similar to wireframe mode, you can hold the left mouse button down until the surface of interest is highlighted, and release it to confirm the selection.