HyperLaminate is a HyperMesh module that facilitates the creation, review and edition of composite laminates.

In support of this process certain materials and design variables are also supported by the HyperLaminate module.

The HyperLaminate Solver (HLS), which is accessed through the HyperLaminate module, uses classical laminated plate theory for simple in-plane analysis of composite laminates.

The current HyperMesh database is only updated with information from the current HyperLaminate session on exit from HyperLaminate, except with Abaqus materials, which are updated simultaneously in HyperMesh and HyperLaminate, so while it is possible to work in HyperMesh while HyperLaminate is running, this is not advisable. Any changes made to those entities which HyperLaminate touches (materials, component collectors and design variables) may result in synchronization problems and loss of data.

HyperLaminate is launched from within HyperMesh either from the HyperLaminate button on the 2D page of the main menu, or by selecting HyperLaminate from the Materials or Properties pull-down menus.

The HyperLaminate module is supported for the OptiStruct, Nastran, ANSYS and Abaqus user profiles.