Control Cards

Control cards allow you to add input and output parameters to a model, including location and names of the input, output and scratch files; the type of run (analysis, check or restart); overall running of the analysis or optimization; and type, format and frequency of the output.

Control cards are assigned to your model from within the Control Cards panel. This panel lists all of the control cards defined for the solver/user profile that you currently have loaded; you can disable, enable, or delete cards as desired.

Use the Card Previewer

A control card may be in one of three states:
State Color Explanation
Undefined Gray The control card was either never created or has been deleted.
Defined (See note.) Green Any control card viewed in the card previewer is activated.
Inactive Red A card that has been defined may be disabled. The attributes for that card remain; however, the control card is not output.
Note: Those control cards that are defined (green in the control Card Editor) are output.
Default values for attributes are common throughout the card previewer. A default value field has two states:
State Description
Default = ON In this state, the field label color is yellow and no data entry is allowed.
Default = OVERRIDDEN To override a default value field, pick the yellow field label. When you override a default value field, the label text color changes to cyan and allows you to enter data in the field.