Change the Session Presenter

Transfer the control of a remote session by changing the presenter.

When you share an application session, you are the Presenter of that session and the users with whom you share the session are the Viewers of the session. You can use and interact with the application you are presenting. The Viewers of the session however, cannot interact with the application. In many cases, it becomes necessary to allow the Viewers to interact with the application and make changes. To transfer control and allow a Viewer to interact with the application, you can make the Viewer, the Presenter.

  1. Click next to the shared session user.

    Figure 1. Share Session Option
  2. Select Make Presenter from the drop-down menu.
    The user will be presenter of the session.

    Figure 2. Session Presenter
    Note: A notification will be sent to the user indicating that you have changed the role of the user to presenter.
    Note: You can regain control by choosing your name and selecting the Presenter role from the drop-down menu.