Copy Text to Remote Sessions

Copy text information from local to remote session.

You cannot directly paste the contents from local to the remote session. The following steps will be performed to paste the contents to remote session:
  • Copy the text information from local machine
  • Place the text information to the clipboard modal of the remote session
  • Click Remote button in clipboard modal to copy the text information to remote clipboard
  • Paste the text information in the remote session
  1. Copy the text information from the local machine.
    For example, copy the text from the local notepad session
    Figure 1. Local Notepad Session

  2. Open the remote session.
    For example, open the remote session Gedit from Access Web.
    Figure 2. Gedit Session

  3. Click in the remote session.
    Copy to Clipboard window is displayed.
    Figure 3. Copy to Clipboard

  4. Place the text information clipboard.
  5. Click Server.
    Figure 4. Copy Clipboard Information to Remote

  6. Paste the information in Gedit remote session.
    Figure 5. Information in Gedit Remote Sessions