Add a Plot

You can add one or more plots to compare the plot results.

When you add a plot, the parameters of the plot is auto-selected to compare the results with the base or overlaid plots.

You can view different and suitable plot templates' results for the overlaid plot result files using the Template list.

Note: Refreshing of plot data is disabled for the overlaid plots.
  1. In the plot view, click .
    The Overlay panel is displayed.
  2. Click to select the plots that you wish to overlay.
    The remote file browser, Select File dialog box is displayed.

    Figure 1. Select File
    Note: By default, the remote file browser displays the current job directory.
  3. Optional: Enter a file name in the Search field to filter the files.
  4. Select the suitable plot file to overlay.
  5. Click Select.
    The selected plot is displayed on top of the first one.

    Figure 2. Overlaying Plots
    You can overlay multiple plots by repeating the previous steps. The Overlay panel displays the list of overlaid plots with the result file name and its location.

    The base plot doesn't have a remove option and the other overlaid plots can be removed from the plot view. However, you can hide and view all the curves displayed in the plot area using the beside the plot name in the overlay panel.

    Tip: You can use the legend to hide and show the curves from the plot view.