Dynamic Server Level Resource Behavior

How simulations handle dynamic server level resources.

For simulations, server_dyn_res behavior is being emulated using a historical peak for a resource as the limit.
If available, PBS Scheduler logs are parsed and the largest value for the availability of a dynamic server-level resource is established. The resource_available.DYNAMIC_RESOURCE value at the PBS Server level is set to this maximum value, so that jobs that require this resource can run. When you import a snapshot, the description of the snapshot is prefixed with one of the following:
  • (server_dyn_res support: SUPPORTED) - Scheduler logs were included in the snapshot and were parsed. A maximum value for the resource availability has been established.
  • (server_dyn_res support: UNSUPPORTED) - Scheduler logs were not included in the snapshot, therefore the availability of the resource could not be established.
  • (server_dyn_res support: PARTIAL) - Scheduler logs were included in the snapshot and were parsed, however an error occurred. Availability of the resource may have been established.