Move a Job

Move jobs between different queues.

Drill-down to jobs that are running on a particular HPC cluster, have been submitted to a particular queue, or are owned by a particular user.

To move a job is to remove the job from the queue in which it resides and instantiate the job in another queue. A job must be in a held, waiting, or queued state to be moved between queues.
Note: A job array can be moved, but subjobs cannot.
  1. Choose one of the following options to select jobs:
    • Select multiple jobs by enabling the selection checkbox next to the jobs and clicking Actions.
    • Select a single job by clicking Click the down arrow next to the state of the job.
    • Select all jobs on the current page by clicking the Select All checkbox and clicking Actions.
    Tip: Perform a job search to filter jobs and then use the Select All checkbox to select all the jobs on the current page that match the search criteria. Click the reset link to deselect all jobs.

    Use Select All Checkbox
    Figure 1. Use Select All Checkbox
    As jobs are selected, the total number of selected jobs is displayed.
  2. Click Move.
  3. Choose a new queue.

    Move job
    Figure 2. Move Job
  4. Click Move.
    The job is moved to the new queue. If you are displaying jobs submitted to a specific queue, the job may disappear and you will need to drill down to the jobs submitted to the new queue to see the queue change.