View All Account Transactions

View transactions for all accounts or drill-down into transactions for a specific account.

Transactions that are tracked for an account are:

Transaction that occurs when a Stakeholder adds currency to an Account.
Transaction that occurs when a Stakeholder withdraws currency from an Account.
Transaction that occurs when a job is submitted. Currency is allocated to the job based on the job's walltime and the Service Units associated with the Account.
Transaction that occurs when a job completes. Any currency that was not consumed by the job is released back to the Account from which it was withdrawn.

The transactions associated with a job are identified by jobID.AMHostname, therefore the transaction associated with a job acquiring currency (transaction type = Acquired) and the same job releasing the unconsumed currency (transaction type = Released) will always have the same ID.

Access to account transactions is based on the following criteria:
  • Stakeholders can view account transactions for accounts for which they are a stakeholder.
  • Users can view their own account transactions.
  • Budget Manager Administrators can view all accounts.
  1. Click the Monitor tab.
  2. Click Transactions from the Budget Manager menu located on the left-hand side of the web page.
    A list of transactions is displayed. By default, transactions are sorted in descending order by date/time.
    Note: Drill-down into the transactions made against an account by clicking on the name of the account.