Refund a Job Debit Need

Budget Manager Administrators can choose to refund an account when a job fails for reasons that cannot be attributed to the user such as a node failure or when running times are increased due to a hardware issue.

Only Budget Manager Administrators can issue a refund. The amount of currency refunded to the account is based on the amount of currency consumed by the job multiplied by a percentage entered by the Budget Manager Administrator. A refund cannot be issued until a job completes or fails and a reconciliation occurs. Transactions associated with a job are specified by their transaction id which takes the form jobId.instanceName.

  1. Click the Monitor tab.
  2. Click Transactions from the Budget Manager menu located on the left-hand side of the web page.
    A list of all transaction for every account is displayed.
  3. Drill-down to a subset of transactions using the search feature.
    Tip: Search by ID.
  4. Click located to the far right of a transaction having a Transaction Type of "Acquired or "Released".
  5. Click Refund.
    A dialog box is displayed:

    Credit the Account
    Figure 1. Credit the Account
  6. For Refund %, enter the percentage to be refunded to the account.
    The amount of currency refunded to the account is displayed below the Refund %.
  7. For Comment, optionally enter a reason for the refund.
  8. Click Submit.