View the Account Balance

View the balance left in an account.

Only Stakeholders have access to view budget information, so non-Stakeholders will not have access to the Budget sub-menu. Additionally, only Stakeholders can credit and debit an account.

Stakeholders will only have access to those accounts for which they are a stakeholder.

Information that is provided for an Account:

Percentage Owned
The percentage of ownership of the account. Multiple Stakeholders can own an account.
Balance left in the account.
  1. Click the Monitor tab.
  2. Click Budgets from the Budget Manager menu located on the left-hand side of the web page.
    The account balance is displayed for accounts over a specific time period for a specific currency type (Service Unit). Drill-down into the transactions made against an account by clicking on the name of the account.

    If accounts are not visible, verify that a period has been created that covers the dates associated with the account transactions.