A mold is the bounding box for the tooling components.

Add/Edit Mold

Create and edit a mold that is by default 30% larger than the bounding box of the tooling.

  1. Click the Tool icon.

  2. Click the Add/Edit Mold icon.

    A mold that is by default 30% larger than the bounding box of the components is created.

  3. Use the microdialog options to adjust the margins and define the position, material, temperature, and dimensions of the mold.

Microdialog Options

Define the material, temperature, and position of the mold.

Option Description
Select the Material Viewer to examine the material's Thermal, Rhealogical, Mechanical, PVT and Fiber properties.
Note: You can use the Material Viewer to edit an existing material, save it with a new name, and access it from the My Materials tab.
Select a material from the list.

Enter the temperature of the material.
Select the Move Mold Face tool so that the injection point is outside of the mold, then select the mold face that you want to move.
Select the Move tool to position the mold.
Select the Reset button to apply the default parameters to the mold.
Select the Deselet button to remove the mold designation.
Enter the dimensions of the mold in the X-, Y- or Z- direction.
X-Axis, Y-Axis or Z-Axis Select the opening direction for the mold on the X-, Y- or Z-axis.