Altair® Monarch®


Moving a Column

You can move column within a table by:

  • dragging and dropping column headers on the Prepare window.

  • dragging and dropping a column handle on the Column List dialog box.

Moving a column via Drag and Drop


  1. Do one of the following:

    • Select the header of the column you want to move

    • Group-select the columns you want to move by selecting column headers using SHIFT+Click (to select a block of columns) or CTRL+Click (to select individual columns).

  1. Drag the column(s) to their new position. Use the blue arrow to guide you in positioning the new column(s):


Moving a column using the Column List dialog


  1. On the Prepare window, right click on a column and then select Column List from the context menu. The Column List dialog displays.

  2. Select the handle beside the column you want to move:


and drag it to its new position:


  1. Select OK.



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