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Formatting a Date Column

You can format a date column from the Prepare Window. Monarch Data Prep Studio allows you to easily format date fields as follows:

  • Short Date [d]
    Example: 1/10/2016

  • Long Date [D]
    Example: Sunday, January 10, 2016

  • Short Date/Time [g]
    Example: 1/10/2016 12:00 AM

  • Long Date/Time [f]
    Example: Sunday, January 10, 2016 12:00 AM

You can also enter your own custom format.

Monarch Data Prep Studio follows standard .NET date formatting rules. Refer to this page for more advanced formatting.


  1. On the Prepare Window, right-click on a column and then select Column List from the context menu. The Column List dialog displays.

  2. Click on the Edit Format icon beside the date column you wish to format:


    The Format dialog box displays:


    Alternatively, you can simply click on the drop-down arrow located to the right of the header of a date/time column and then select Format from the options that display. This will bring up the same Format dialog.

  4. Select a pre-defined date format (Short Date, Long Date, Short Date/Time, Long Date/Time, Time) to apply these formats to your date columns. Alternatively, select Custom to enter your own custom formatting:


    You can create a custom date format using standard date/time parts or by example:

    • To create a custom format using standard date/time parts, select the date/time parts you wish to apply to your date field from the Custom Format String section of the Format dialog.

    • To define a custom date format by example, enter a sample custom format into the Date Format Example field. Click the Generate button to produce a sample of what your dates/times will look like when your selected formatting is applied. The format you specified is also added to the Custom Format String field.


    • If a custom number format sample had previously been defined, clicking the Generate button displays the following dialog:


      Simply click YES to continue applying your custom format.

  6. Select OK if you are satisfied with the new formatting. The Format dialog closes and you are returned to the Column List dialog.

  7. Select OK on the Column List dialog to accept your changes and return to the Prepare window.



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