Engine Keyword Generates the Time History files in Radioss environment post-processing format "Version Number".


/TH/VERS/Version Number


Field Content SI Unit Example
Version Number Radioss Version 41, 51 or 2021.

Default = 41



  1. Starting in Radioss Version 51:
    • The length of the time history file titles was increased from 40 to 100 characters.
    • The time history file name is changed from <root_name>.T01 to <root_name>_0001.thy.
  2. Starting in Radioss Version 2021, 3 new outputs for contact energies in the global output and interface output are added:
    • CE_ELAST: Elastic contact energy which is the recoverable energy stored in contact penalty springs.
    • CE_FRIC: Frictional contact energy.
    • CE_DAMP: Damping contact energy.