Multi-Domain Keyword Number of Processors used by the RAD2RAD executable.




Data Description SI Unit Example
N Number of processors  


  1. This option can be used to reduce the time spend in the RAD2RAD executable by splitting the task of computing the coupling forces among N processors.
  2. As the connected Radioss engines are sleeping when the RAD2RAD is active, the parallelization of the RAD2RAD is independent of the parallelization of the engines. It means that a processor can be assigned at the same time to all the domains and to the RAD2RAD. They will use it one after another.
  3. The RAD2RAD parallelization is based on SMP parallelism that is why the number of processors must be less than the number of cores available on the hardware node where RAD2RAD is launched.

    For example, six is often a good value for a machine with a least 8 cores.

  4. The gain of CPU cost is negligible if the number of nodes that are treated by the RAD2RAD is low (< N x 1000).