Model Instrumentation

The outputs and storage frequencies must be set to get enough information for post-processing results.

Variables To Save

To find the origin of problems, you need output files with enough information, especially for the most potentially problematic entities as springs, interfaces and rigid bodies.
Save all spring and beam elements (except for spring of spot welds)
Measure displacements and forces inside specific spring
Example: engine mount, subframe, fixation, etc.
Save all contact interfaces (except for TYPE 2)
Output the forces of the specific interfaces
Example: dummy/belt
Rigid Bodies
Measure the displacement and force inside specific rigid bodies
Example: subframe fixations, engine mount, etc.
Section, Rigid Wall and Monitored Volume
Save all TH outputs
Set the Radioss Engine deck to save variables in animation files:
Nodal mass variation
Plastic Strain
von Mises
Specific energy
Force on rigid wall
In addition, /ANIM/VECT/ACC and /ANIM/VECT/FINT may be useful in case of a problem.
Note: Be sure to get an animation file when a run fails; you can use the /STOP option in the Engine file. If the computation stops, run another restart and write an animation in the first cycle.