Contact between Sol2SPH and Other Parts

Sol2SPH vs Finite Element Part

The contact must be defined through interface TYPE7.

The Sol2SPH part must be secondary and should be finer than the main part.

The contact must be defined between the main (FE) part and the SPH particles of the Sol2SPH part (the part number defined for instance in SPH_PARTID).

Self-impacting interfaces are not possible, but because particles are interacting with each other even when not activated, self-contact of a Sol2SPH part is always taken into account.

The stiffness factors and gap definition follow the same rule as normal SPH particles.

SOL2SPH particles may be automatically activated and their corresponding brick element deleted when entering gap distance, if the Ibag flag of the interface is set to 1.0.


Contact is handled automatically, and no interface has to be created.