Body: Flexible

Command ElementModifies a flexible body element.


          id                   = "integer"
          label                = "string"
          is_user_damp         = " { True | False } "
          cdamp_expr           = "string"
          usrsub_dll_name      = "string"
          usrsub_param_string  = "string"
          usrsub_fnc_name      = "string"
          rigidified           = " { True | False } "


Element identification number (integer>0).
This is a number that is unique among all Body_Flexible elements.
Changes how the damping coefficient for each mode is specified.
A value of "TRUE" indicates that the damping is specified using either an expression or a user defined subroutine.

A value of "FALSE" causes MotionSolve to ignore the damping expression or user-defined subroutine data provided in the Body_Flexible element and instead, use the damping values specified in the Reference_FlexData element.

Modifies the state dependent expression used to define the damping coefficient for each mode. Use this parameter only when is_user_damp = "TRUE". Any valid run-time MotionSolve expression can be provided as input.
Changes the path, name, or both for the shared library that contains your user subroutine. MotionSolve uses this information to load the user subroutine specified by usrsub_fnc_name in the library at run time. Use this keyword only whenis_user_damp = "TRUE".
Changes the list of parameters that are passed from the data file to the user written subroutine. Use this keyword only when is_user_damp = "TRUE".
The syntax for this attribute is:
Modifies the name of the user subroutine function specified in the model element.
Converts the flexible body to a rigid body.
The default value for this flag is rigidified = "FALSE".


The following example illustrates the use of the <Body_Flexible> command element to modify the damping of a flexible body defined in the model:

     id                  = "30102"
     cdamp_expr          = "IF(FXFREQ-100:1.0,1.0,1.0)"


  1. In the case where you specify is_user_damp = "TRUE" and both cdamp_expr and a user subroutine (usrsub_param_string, usrsub_dll_name, usrsub_fnc_name) are defined, MotionSolve gives precedence to the cdamp_expr over the user subroutine.