Load Model

Command ElementThe Load_Model command reads a MotionSolve XML file and builds a new multibody model.


This command may be used in conjunction with the Save command, which is used to save a multibody model as a MotionSolve XML file, following a simulation. Such a file contains all the model information necessary to restart the simulation.


     model_file       = "valid_file_name.xml"
     result_file      = "valid_file_name.mrf"
     anima_file       = "valid_file_name.h3d"


The name of the MotionSolve XML file to be loaded.
The name of the MRF file that will store the results of the new simulation.
The name of the H3D file that will store the results of the new simulation.


The following example demonstrates using the Load_Model command to load a MotionSolve XML file and then performing a transient simulation until 5 seconds.

      model_file        = "save1.xml"
      result_file       = "output.mrf"
      anima_file        = "output.h3d"
      analysis_type     = "Transient"
      end_time          = "5."
      print_interval    = "0.01"

The file save1.xml was created using the Save command, following a transient simulation for three seconds.


  1. A new MRF file is generated for each new simulation.
  2. A single H3D file is produced which contains the animation results for the entire simulation.