Animate Flexible Body Mode Shapes

The various mode shape results are listed as result subcases under the loadcase “CMS FlexBody” in the flex h3d file. To animate a particular mode shape:
  1. Select the mode shape from the loadcase drop-down in the HyperView Results Browser (as shown below).

  2. Click on the triangle next to the Set Animation Mode button , and select the Modal animation mode .
  3. Click on to animate the model.
  4. To control the speed of animation, click on the Animation Controls button .
  5. From the panel, use the slider bar located under Max Frame Rate.
  6. To control the rate of deformation in the visualization, use the Angular increment drop-down menu.

  7. To view animation for a different mode, simply select the mode through the subcase drop-down menu in the Results browser.
    The animation will update automatically.