Using H3D Flexbodies in MotionView

Follow the steps below to set flexbody properties in MotionView:
  1. From the MotionView toolbar or Model menu, select the Bodies panel.
  2. Select the Properties tab.
  3. Activate the Flex Body (CMS) check box.

    Figure 1. Flex Body (CMS) Option
  4. For Abaqus: Use the .inp file.
  5. For ADAMS: Use the H3D file.
  6. For MotionSolve: Use the H3D file.
  7. Use the Invariants, Nodes, and Modes buttons to set the properties.
    Note: You can set a flexbody tolerance through MDL and the user interface. When the magnitude between the flexbody node and corresponding MDL point exceeds this tolerance, MotionView automatically inserts a dummy body to bridge the distance. If the difference is less than the tolerance, the entities are exported to ADAMS without a dummy body (unless explicitly requested).