Generating Flexbody H3D Files

MotionView works with a HyperWorks neutral file called H3D to represent the flexible body. This compact file format stores the necessary information for visualizing the flexbody in the pre-processing window and the modes and interface nodes in the post-processing window. It also stores the modal and nodal information.

The H3D file can be used in:
  • MotionView to represent a body as flexible body.
  • HyperView to visualize the mode and mode shapes.
  • MotionSolve during solution to extract mode, mode shape related data, and to write graphic information related to the flexible body into the result file.

H3D flexbody file generation through MotionView uses a utility called Flexprep. Flexprep can be executed by accessing the FlexbodyPrep dialog from the FlexTools > Flex prep menu in MotionView or through the command line.

Refer to the Flexprep Usage topic to learn more about running flexprep through the command line.