Time Step Selection

There are a number of ways that you can input time steps into the table shown in the Time Selection panel of the Load Export utility.

Open Reads time steps from a file.

Time step descriptions and values can also be read from an existing two column, comma separated values (CSV) data file by clicking Open. The time step data file can be a user-generated file, or it can be a time step data file saved from a previous export operation.

Save Saves time steps data to a file.

Time step descriptions and values can be saved to a CSV file. As described above, this file can be read during a future export operation.

Apply Verifies the time steps.

After inputting time steps, click Apply to validate the time steps. If a time step entered is not present in the ADAMS request file, an error message is displayed. Please make the necessary corrections and try again.

All Steps Adds all time steps.

All time step values available in the ADAMS request file are automatically loaded into the table by clicking All Steps. Enter the time step descriptions if they are required in the export.

Peak Selects all time steps at which peak force values occur.

When you select this option, a secondary window is displayed which allows you to select multiple time steps at which peak force values occur.

The secondary window contains four rows that correspond to each of the forces selected on the Force Selection panel. The first row displays the names of the minimum/maximum force components:
The minimum value of Fx
The maximum value of Fx
The minimum value of Fy
The maximum value of Fy
The minimum value of Fz
The maximum value of Fz
The minimum value of the force magnitude
The maximum value of the force magnitude

In the second row, check the box if you want the time step corresponding to the check box included in the report.

The third row displays the time step values.

The fourth row displays the minimum/maximum force values corresponding to these time steps.

If the time steps at which peak force values occur are to be included in the report, click Select All.

Click Select None to deselect any selections made.

Once your selection are finalized, click Apply to process them. This includes removing multiple selections of the same time step, arranging the time steps selected in ascending order, and adding the time steps to the time step table.

Range Adds time steps by specifying a range

After clicking Range, a secondary dialog is displayed which prompts you to enter the Minimum Time Step Value and the Maximum Time Step Value. After doing so, all time steps between and including these two values are added to the table. However, you have to enter the time step descriptions using the keyboard if they are required.

Add Adds a time step to the table.

Each time you click Add, a blank row is added to the table and you can enter the description and the time step value to the table.

Insert Inserts a time step.

Click Insert to add a blank row to the table. You can input the time step value and description accordingly.

Delete Deletes time steps.

To delete one time step, highlight the time step by selecting the row in the table and click Delete. To delete multiple time steps, hold down the ctrl key and select the time steps in any order, then click Delete.

Note: The radio buttons on the Export panel are not enabled until the time steps are validated after clicking Apply on the Time Selection panel.