Exporting Tabular Summaries and Nastran Input Decks

From the Export panel in the Load Export utility, you can set the labels and node IDs for Nastran export.

If you select one or more bodies for Nastran export and then select the Nastran option on the Export panel, the Nastran Options button is enabled. Click this to display the Nastran Export panel.

Figure 1. Load Export dialog – Export panel
From this panel, you can enter and select the following information required to output a Nastran input deck:
  • Format (short or long)
  • FEA coordinate system (global or local)
  • Determine if coordinate cards should be written in the Nastran input deck
  • Select the point from which you want to auto-number node IDs for Nastran export
  • Nastran Node ID names and numbers
  • Nastran deck format
  • The reference frame in which the GRID cards are written