Execute Solvers

MotionView allows you to save the solver input deck and invoke the solver in one step. To do this, a script (or .bat file on PC) must be registered in the preferences_mbd.mvw file available in the HyperWorks installation at ~altair_install/hw/prefinc. Use the *RegisterSolverScript() preference statement to register the solver script. When registered, the solver script can be executed by clicking Run in the Run Solver panel.


MotionSolve has two pre-registered invoke scripts. The MotionSolve script is used to submit runs to MotionSolve from MotionView. The other script, MotionSolve_HST, can be used while using MotionView with HyperStudy (a general optimization software).

The solver input deck format for MotionSolve is XML. For more information on MotionSolve and XML format, refer to the MotionSolve Reference Guide.

Other Solvers

For other third party solvers like ADAMS, the MotionView installation contains scripts that require you to edit them only once before using. These can be found in the <ALTAIR_HOME>\utility\mbd\launch_scripts\ directory.

MotionView exports to the following ADAMS solver input deck format: ADM/ACF.