Using MotionView

Learn more about using MotionView.

A MotionView model contains all the components of a mechanical system. Information such as loads and motions and a description of each model entity is included in each model file and is displayed in the appropriate MotionView panels.

Models can be saved and loaded as MDL files. MDL files are saved in the ASCII format, which can be opened and edited in a text editor. The MDL files contain information regarding the entities describing the mechanical system.

MDL models can be saved as solver input decks for multibody solvers such as MotionSolve and ADAMS.

MotionView also contains many tools to assist with modeling building, such as CG/inertia summary, load export, data summary, and others.

MotionView models can also be constructed using the TCL command layer. The command layer can be used to add, delete, and change entities as well as read data into the model or export data from the model.

The Construct Models, Execute Solvers, and Post-Processing topics will help you understand the fundamental steps for using MotionView. Once familiar with these steps, you can pre-process, run, and post-process several solvers.