Construct Models

MBD models can be created using one or more of the following techniques:

  1. Construct a model through the user interface. Entities can be added and deleted and their values set within the MotionView interface. These models can be saved directly from MotionView to an MDL file.
  2. Edit the MDL files directly. After you construct an MDL model, you can load it into MotionView at a later time for simulation use.
  3. Assemble a model from the MDL library. A vehicle suspension and dynamics library is installed with MotionView by default which contains simple MDL modules. The library can be expanded or recreated for other mechanism types.

Please note the following about MDL and the MotionView interface:

  • A data field can be defined as a parametric data expression. Select any data field and click at the top of the panel.
  • To create parametric or non-parametric text that is to be exported to the solver input file and is not defined using the MDL language, use the Templex template.
  • The full model tree can be viewed by selecting Browsers > MotionView > Project from the View menu.
  • To access all model data in one dialog, select Data Summary from the top-right of select panels.
  • Select Check Model from the Tools menu before starting a simulation. This ensures that dependencies have been resolved and sets the IDs of the solver input file items.