Root Mean Square Deviation

Calculates the RMS difference value between a give expression and a desired curve.

Choosing such a response as an objective to minimize; while performing an optimization study, allows you to match the given expression to the desired curve.

Figure 1. Response Type – Root Mean Square Deviation
Input Description
Desired Curve Choose existing curve from the model using the Curve collector to define the desired behavior.
Response Expression A function that is computed during the run and RMS difference is calculated between this function and the Desired Curve.
Specify independent variable Turn ON this check box to use a solver variable as an independent variable for both Desired Curve and Response Expression. When OFF; by default, Time is used as independent variable.

The Show desired curve… button can be used to plot the Desired Curve on graph.

In the above example, the response variable computes the root mean square deviation between a marker’s X displacement and the desired displacement profile defined by the curve “X-Vals”.