Min Val

Captures the minimum value of a given expression.

Figure 1. Response Type – Min Val
Input Description
Response Expression The solver expression that is to be computed at each analysis time step to find its minimum value.
Factor A value by which the minimum value of the Response Expression will be multiplied to get MinVal response.

Turn ON the Use plot check box in order to monitor and plot this response during an optimization run.

In the above example, the response variable computes the minimum value of an expression which is the absolute relative translational displacement (Z-component) of a marker with respect to another.

A user subroutine can be used by turning the ON User-defined check box (see below).

Figure 2. Response Type – MinVal (User-defined)
Input Description
Function Name The string which the solver input deck will use to invoke the user subroutine.
Local File Use this button to select a python file containing the function.