Leaf Spring Builder

The Leaf Spring Builder is used to model leaf spring using rigid bodies, beams, and contact forces. You can enter information about the number of leaves, the leaf shapes, cross-sections, material properties, contact properties, shackle length (if your spring employs a shackle), nominal axle load and other information, to create an MDL system definition, which can be imported into a suspension or full vehicle model.

The Leaf Spring Builder saves the data entered to build a model and it can be imported as a Leaf Property File (.lpf) format. If you need to modify the leaf shapes, section properties, material properties or other components of a leaf spring model, you can open the Leaf Property File (.lpf) in the Leaf Spring Builder, make your modifications, and then build a new leaf spring system definition.

The Leaf Spring Builder user interface has four parts: a Browser for navigating and selecting a leaf spring components, an Editor for entering and modifying data, a Help Section for describing the data you enter, and a Visualization Canvas for viewing leaf shapes.

Figure 1. Leaf Spring Dialog
When data is selected in the tree browser, the Leaf Spring Builder displays the corresponding editor, visualization canvas and help section. You can then modify the selected data using the property editor and then can view the modifications on the visualization canvas.
Note: Avoid using space while entering the labels and variables.

Leaf Spring Builder - Toolbar

File Menu
The following options are available in the File Menu:
Opens a new session in the Leaf Spring Builder.
Opens an existing .lpf file.
Saves the built Leaf Property File .lpf in the required location.

Figure 2. File Menu Options
Upon selecting the Check Model option, the Leaf Builder Message window opens and checks for any errors in the built leaf model.

Figure 3. Tools Menu Options
Examples of pre-assembled leaf spring models are displayed in the list.

Figure 4. Examples Menu Options/List
Upon clicking one of the models from the list, Spring_4leaves.lpf for example, the entire leaf model is displayed in the Leaf Spring Builder.

Figure 5. Leaf Spring Builder|Pre-built Leaf Spring Model Spring_4leave.lpf

Coordinate System Convention

  • X-axis: Defines the longitudinal axis of the leaf spring.
  • Y-axis: Defines the lateral axis of the leaf spring.
  • Z-axis: Defines the vertical axis of the leaf spring.
  • Origin (0,0,0) will be at the center of the top most leaf.
  • X and Z data should cover the longitudinal and vertical span of a leaf spring.
  • It cannot be changed.

Leaf Spring Components

The following sections explain more about each Leaf Spring Component in detail.

Figure 6. Leaf Spring Components