Material Properties

Material properties are used for the beam elements in constructing the leaves. You can add any number of materials based on the requirement.
The Materials component is required to define the options in the Materials Properties section:

Figure 1. Materials Component - Materials Property
Young’s Modulus
Defines the Young’s Modulus value for beam material.
Shear Modulus
Defines the shear modulus value for beam material.
Defines the beam material density.
Beam Damping Ratio
Defines the beam damping ratio.

Material Properties for Leaf Property File (*lpf)

In the Material Properties block of Leaf Property file, the attribute, type, and valid value that has to be entered in TiemOrbit file format are displayed. This table also provides information about the mandatory requirements for attributes.
An example of how an Material Properties block is represented in a TiemOrbit file format is shown below:
DENSITY – 7.8E-06
Block Name = ‘MATERIAL_PROPERTIES’ (Required)
Sub-block Name = ‘steel’ (Default)
Attributes Type Valid Value Required
youngsModulus Real Units should be MPa Yes
shearModulus Real Units should be MPa Yes
Density Real Units should be Kg/mm3 Yes
beamDampingRatio Real - Yes