Clip Details

In the Clip details component, you can enter the required number of clips that have to be included in the Total number of Clips text field.

Clip Details

The following section explains the options used in the Clip Details table.

Figure 1. Clip Details
Defines the direction of the clip from center bolt either Front or Rear.
Defines the distance of the clip from center bolt in the ‘direction’ specified.
Depending upon the requirements, you can choose any clip label from the drop-down menu.
Note: Only those clips that are defined in the Clips component are added to the clip label in the table.

Rebound Clip Block for Leaf Property File (*lpf)

In the Clip Table sub-block of the Leaf Property file, the attribute, type, and valid value to be entered in TiemOrbit file format are displayed. This table also provides information about the mandatory requirements for attributes.
An example of how a Clip Table block is represented in a TiemOrbit file format is shown below:
1		CLIP_1		FRONT	596.5
2		CLIP_2		REAR	 596.5
Block Name = ‘Rebound_Clip_List’ (Required)
Sub-block name = ‘CLIP_TABLE’ (Required)
Attributes Type Valid Value Required
clipNo Integer 1, 2 ... Yes
clipLabel String String Yes
direction String FRONT


distance Real Value should be in the range of leaf lengths. Yes