Importing a Solver Deck

This feature is used to read in an MBD solver deck file. Only the ADAMS Solver Deck is currently supported (see the Load an ADAMS *.adm File topic for additional information). The current model in the data base will be erased and a new model will be created when this option is selected.
  1. From the File menu select Import > Solver Deck.

    Figure 1.


    Click the Import Solver Deck button on the Standard toolbar.
    Note: If the Import Solver Deck button is not visible on the toolbar, click on the Import drop-down menu (the arrow next to the current icon) and select the Import Solver Deck option.
  2. From the Import Solver Deck dialog, locate and select a relevant ADAMS .adm file to import using the Select file browser.

    Figure 2.
  3. Under Import Options:
    Select Load standard include to automatically include the definitions contained in the std_inc file in the MDL model that resides in memory.
  4. Click the Import button.
    The ADAMS file is imported.