Graphic Entity Attributes Panel - Entity Display

The following options are available on the Graphic Entity Attributes panel:

Auto apply Applies a selected option automatically whenever you select a component from the screen or from the entity list tree. You can only apply one option from the panel at a time. The current active option is displayed next to the Auto apply check box. The auto apply mode is also saved to the registry. When exiting the application, the current auto apply mode is saved and then retrieved upon restarting the application. This allows you to customize the default behavior for the auto apply mode.
Display The On/Off buttons enable you to turn on or off the selected entities in the display.
Display the selected entities.
Turn off the selected entities in the window.
ID IDs are the names displayed in the entity list.
Display the names of the selected entity in the window.
Turn off displayed IDs.
Use In Fit
Scale the graphic to fit the window with respect to all entities in the animation.
Exclude entities from fitting so that the model is fit to the window based on the remaining entities.
Mesh mode
There are four line options to apply to model components:
  • Mesh lines
  • Feature lines
  • Edge lines
  • No lines

Click the appropriate button to display the desired feature; click another button to remove the feature.

Shaded Entities can be displayed as a shaded or wire frame drawing.

Click to display the selected entities as a shaded drawing.

Click to display the selected entities as a wire frame drawing.

Opaque Entities can be either opaque or transparent.
Solid and hide the entities behind them.
See-through and reveal the obscured entities behind them.

Click to display the selected entities as opaque.

Click to display the selected entities with the selected material.

Click to display the selected entities as transparent.

Implicit Graphics Invokes the Implicit Graphics dialog.
Color Any color from a palette of 64 can be applied to any entity. Color can be applied to any entity in the MotionView window. Select a color from the palette to instantly change the entity's color.
Material Materials provide more precise control over an entity's visual properties. In addition to color, a material defines the behavior of an object's reflected and emitted light. By adjusting the light properties of a material, entities can be made to look more realistic. For example, materials can be defined that make an object appear chrome plated, glassy, metallic, and so on. Material palettes can be defined in any session file or in a stand-alone session file. Material attributes can be assigned to any entity in a model. The materials palette lists the available user-defined materials.
To display the material properties for the material selected.
To add a new material to the palette using the Material Properties dialog.
To delete the selected material from the list.
Note: Only user-defined materials can be deleted.
Note See the *BeginPalette() statement in the Reference Guide for more information on defining a material palette.