Run the Model with E-Compute

  1. From the FlexTools menu, select Flex Prep.
    The FlexBodyPrep dialog is displayed.
  2. Select the Create OptiStruct-prp (preparation) file option.
  3. Click on the Select Bulk Data file (fem/nas/bdf/dat) file browser , and select the original .fem file.
  4. In the Save the fem file as text box, specify the name for the .h3d file.
    Note: Do not include the pathname when entering in the name for the .h3d file, as this will cause E-compute to fail when it is run.
  5. Select the same units and modal data.
  6. If you want to perform a stress or strain recovery, activate the appropriate check box.
  7. Click OK.
  8. After the program runs, an .h3d file is created and can be used in MotionView.
    When running the model using E-Compute, the six rigid body modes are included. When using Flexbody Prep Wizard directly, the six modes are automatically excluded.