Marker Tracing

Trace markers with respect to a user-defined coordinate systems created on the Marker Tracking System panel.

Figure 1. Marker Tracing

You can further customize the marker tracing and generate curves for better data analysis relevant to your use cases.

Marker Tracing provides numerical data which can be displayed and animated in HyperGraph. You can mainpulate the tracing data by applying units or other math operations to compare tests and simulations. You can add markers via mouse clicks on the video, enter them in the panel fields, or through the command API. You can also lock the position of a marker using the checkbox in front of the marker label under the lock symbol.

Figure 2.
Graphical options such as show/hide tracing lines and marker IDs, and show tracing markers or traces only allows you to easily analyze the video.
Note: Marker lists are stored as members of the video. Since references to videos are shared between any windows containing the same video, any markers added to a video will be shared between all windows containing that video. Therefore, any filmstrips, copied or pasted windows, or windows which have the same video loaded - even if on another page - will all display the same markers.