Display the Tracing Lines

After adding a marker, use the following options to determine how the tracing line is displayed.
  1. Select a marker from the list or from the graphics window, then choose from the following options.
    Show Tracing Lines
    Displays the marker and the tracing line. When deselected, only the marker is shown.
    Show Image
    Deactivate this option to turn off the image and only display the tracing lines.
    Window track size
    The Window track size is used in an algorithm which attempts to estimate the movement of the pixels near the point selected. In some cases, the video pixel you select to be traced can be traced incorrectly during animation. Changing this value also changes the accuracy of the traced pixels. Adjusting the Window track size value can improve or decrease the marker tracing. Higher or lower values are not consistent for all of the points in a video. For some points, a higher value may work better. In other points in a video, a lower value may work better. This setting is currently a global setting for all markers in a given video. If you find points that you need traced and the Window track size needs to be higher for some and lower for others, the current workaround is to create a duplicate window with the same video and use one with a lower value and the other window with a higher value.

    You can use the slider bar, , to increase or decrease the value shown in the text box. You can also enter a new value directly into the text box.

  2. Click Apply.