Headers and Footers

Use the Headers and Footers panel to add headers and footers to your video images, specify font colors, and access the Font dialog.

Video image headers are titles displayed at the top of a window, while video image footers are titles displayed at the bottom of a window. Each video window can display a header and a footer.

Figure 1.
Header and Footer tabs
Titles for video image headers and footers are entered in the text box for Header and Footer. Press Return to add new lines.
Different font attributes can be specified for each line of header or footer text. There are three user-definable styles available:
  • Line 1 is the style assigned to the top line.
  • Line 2 is the style assigned to the middle line.
  • Line 3 is the style assigned to the third line and all lines thereafter.
After selecting one or more line boxes, click the font button, , to activate the Font Selector dialog. From the Font Selector dialog, you can change the font style, type, and size. Use the color palette to specify the font color of the selected line.
Choose from Left, Center or Right.
Display the header or footer in the window.