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Altair Inspire PolyFoam ©2009-2020

Altair Inspire Render ©1993-2016 Solid Iris Technologies Software Development One PLLC, ©2016-2020 Altair Engineering Inc (formerly Thea Studio)

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Altair Inspire Studio ©1993-2020 (formerly ‘Evolve’)

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PBS Desktop™ ©2008-2012 is now part of Altair Access, specifically Altair Access desktop, which also has Altair Access web and Altair Access mobile

e-Compute™ ©2000-2010 was replaced by “Compute Manager” which is now Altair Access

Altair KnowledgeWorks™

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Third party software licenses

AcuConsole contains material licensed from Intelligent Light ( and used by permission.

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