Correct a Marker Trace Line

It is possible that the object to be traced undergoes extreme lighting conditions, such as flashes, or may have interrupted sighting due to passing cables or other obstructions. Follow these steps to correct this type of marker trace line.

  1. Identify the marker trace line that needs a correction.
  2. Select this marker from the list of markers in the panel.
  3. Animate to the frame and up to the point where the object was correctly traced before the interruption.
  4. Click Traceline Correction.
    This trims the traceline and removes the incorrect part.
  5. Animate to the frame where the same point of the object is visible again after the interruption.
  6. Use your mouse to select the point on the screen.
  7. Click Apply.
    This linearly connects the part of the trace line retained in step 4 with the point selected in step 6 for the newly corrected position and also traces the rest of the object path.

    Figure 1.