Position the Marker

Once a marker has been added to the marker list, as long as it is unlocked, you can position it anywhere in the graphics window.
  1. Select a marker from the list or from the graphics window, verify the lock option is unchecked, then choose from the following options.
    Pixel Collector
    Indicates that left mouse clicks on the screen will set the location of the currently selected marker in the list.
    X and Y
    The X and Y positions of the marker with respect to the original image size.
    Initial Frame Index
    The initial time frame to start the tracing of the marker. This frame index is where the marker was created. You can generate markers at any time frame.
    Final Frame Index
    The frame number where you want to stop tracing the selected marker. The default value is -1, which means it is using all of the frames except the last frame. If you want to shorten the curve, enter a positive frame index.
  2. Click Apply.