Install HyperView Player on Linux for Mozilla/Firefox

HyperView Player now supports Mozilla/Firefox on RedHat for both the 32-bit and 64-bit versions.

If you have Firefox version 4.0 or greater, you will need the linux64 plug-in. To find the version number type “about:” in the URL field of the browser. Look for the build identifier to include “Linux x86_64”, if it does you will need the 64-bit plug-in. If the identifier includes; i686, i386, or i586 you will need the 32-bit plug-in.

  1. Set an ALTAIR_HOME environment variable in the Altair directory of the HyperView installation.
  2. Update the MOZ_PLUGIN_PATH environment variable to include the <ALTAIR_HOME>/hw/plugins/mozilla/linux64 directory.

    Copy the <ALTAIR_HOME>/hw/plugins/mozilla/linux64 platform dependent files to the ~/.mozilla/plugins directory or the plug-ins directory in the Mozilla installation.

    Note: The MOZ_PLUGIN_PATH may need to be updated to include the <ALTAIR_HOME>/hw/blugins/mozilla/linux64 directory.

    The environment variables ALTAIR_HOME and MOZ_PLUGIN_PATH must be inherited by the browser for it to work properly.

    Consult your Linux distribution’s documentation to determine the best way to make these environment variables permanent. Common locations for permanent environment settings include /etc/environment or /etc/profile.d.

    If you do not make the environment variable settings permanent, you must launch your browser from the same terminal shell where you set the temporary environment variables.

  3. Verify the library versions.
    The following library versions are required for Mozilla:
    • glibc 2.2.4
    • XFree86 3.3x
    • GTK 1.2.x
    • Glib 1.2.x
    • Libstdc++ 2.9.0
    The following library versions are required for Firefox:
    • glibc 2.3.2
    • XFree 3.3.6
    • GTK 2.0
    • Libstdc++5
  4. To verify that the plug-in is loaded, enter about:plugins in the URL field of your Web browser.