Context Menu

The context menu provides quick access to various toolbar and display functions.

Use the right mouse button in the graphics area to invoke the context menu.

Figure 1.
Function Description
Quick Query Query information for nodes, elements, components, systems and results (when available).
Restore Display Restores the display of the last show/hide state.
Reverse Display Reverses the display of the components
Isolate Allows you to display only the component(s) selected by the mouse pointer (when the right mouse button is clicked).
Show All Displays all of the components in the model.
Show/Hide Model Info By default, the model information (model title, current loadcase, simulation, and frame number) is automatically displayed in the upper right corner of the graphics area. Click the Show/Hide Model Info option to toggle the display of this information on or off.
Edit Vector Display Allows you to edit the display of the vector plot by changing the components displayed or the size of the vectors using the following pop-up dialog:

Figure 2.

*Only available if the h3d file contains a vector plot.

Exploded Views Allows you to explode a model for better viewing (Clear Explosion or Automatic Explosion).

The Exploded View menu, lists all the available explosions in the model and allows you to select the desired exploded view (if any exploded views were defined during the process of saving the H3D file from HyperView).

Quick Section

(*only shown if a section cut has been applied)

Allows you to turn on/off the display for the following section cut options:
Clipping Plane
Displays the side of the model opposite to where the section cut was applied.
Displays the reverse side of the model to either the section cut or the clipping plane (depending on which display option is turned on).
Clipped Transparent
Displays the clipped part of the model as a transparent surface.
Displays the graphical manipulator in the graphics area for section cuts. The graphical manipulator allows you to modify the location and shape of the section cut interactively.
Browser Allows you to turn on/off the display of the browser. A check mark indicates the selection is activated for display.
Toolbars Allows you select which toolbars will be displayed.

To turn on/off the display for selected toolbars, right-click in the display area and select Tool Bars > toolbar name from the context menu menu. A check mark next to the selection means that it is displayed.