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HyperView Player is a stand-alone 3-D viewer that includes web browser plug-ins for PC and UNIX which allows users to share CAE models and simulation results via the Internet.

HyperView Player provides a collaborative solution for enterprise-wide product data visualization throughout your design and development process.

Figure 1.

HyperView Player enables you (or your customers) to display, manipulate, and review a single 3-D result type from Altair's compact H3D file. HyperView Player can be inserted as an object into a PowerPoint presentation, or into a web page, making it the ideal solution for communicating analytical results effectively among analysts, testing engineers, tool and die makers, product design engineers, and product managers.

HyperView Player also allows professionals in sales, marketing, finance, publications, engineering, and support to create information-rich 3-D multimedia presentations, documents, proposals, project reports, and web pages.