Introduction to HyperView Player

HyperView Player is shipped with an Internet browser viewer (a plug-in for Linux or ActiveX controls for PC) and a standalone application for visualizing 3-D Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) models and results.

The browser viewer allows you to incorporate simulation results in an HTML document for presentations or engineering reports. Through the Internet, simulation results can be sent by e-mail, or placed on the web for others to open and review. When close examination is required, the standalone application enables you to enlarge the window size.
HyperView Player provides browser support for the following:
Windows PC - ActiveX Controls
64 bit Microsoft Internet Explorer 8.X and above
Linux - Plug-in
Firefox on Linux
Using the Internet browser, you can select from the following options:
  1. Use the embedded viewer to preview an H3D file by displaying a static preview image on Windows PC or Linux. This preview image can be included in the H3D file when it is created from HyperView or HyperMesh. With 2D image preview, you can save the HTML page data loading time. 3D data is loaded based on your request. When you click on the preview image, the model and results specified in the HTML file are loaded into the standalone HyperView Player application.
  2. Embed the standalone player directly into the Web page (PC only). With this option, the 3D model and results will be loaded for page display.

You can also start a standalone version of HyperView Player that runs independently of your browser. The functionality and graphical user interface (GUI) for the standalone version are the same for Windows PC and Linux.