Modify Auto Contact Entities

Right-click on an item in the Auto Contact Browser.
A context menu displays which offers options for modifying the surfaces and contact pairs.
The following options are available from the Auto Contact Browser's context menu:
Table 1.
Option Description
Rename Rename an existing entry.
Delete Delete items from the browser.
Swap Master-Slave Switches the surfaces identified as master and slave. When selected, you will see the surfaces flip from the master/slave positions in the browser.

Select multiple entities by using the Control and Shift keys when clicking on entities.

Swap CP-Tire Changes the type of interface created. Because a surface interaction is required for Contact Pair but not for Tie, any surface interaction identified earlier will be lost upon a swamp from CP to TIE. If you switch back from TIE to CP, the surface interaction will not be retained.
Edit Faces Opens the Elements Selection panel, from which you can select and deselect the elements to include on the face of the surface, and edit the faces of the surfaces.
Add by Adjacent Adds adjacent elements to the selected surface.
Add by Face Adds all elements to a selected surface, until the feature angle exceeds the value (the feature angle can by set by clicking the Options icon).
Accept All/None Automatically accept or reject all items in the Auto Contact Browser.
Reverse Reverses the current selections in the Accept column.
Expand All/Collapse Expands or collapses folders in the Auto Contact Browser.